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Automated Process

Through direct integrations and data cleanup, you’ll no longer need to manually input any data.

Vendor Visibility

Through integrations, you'll see every vendor being used at the company, meaning no leakage or missed renewals

Free Access to Renewal Experts

  • Free calls, Slack messaging and emailing with our renewal experts to help you save money across your software renewals.
  • Understand "best in market" pricing to ensure you're not overpaying for your vendors.
  • Have our experts review your contracts and provide advice and negotiation tactics to help you get a better deal.

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Insights on your spending

  • Direct integrations in less than 30 minutes
  • All of your vendor information populated automatically
  • Renewal Reminders sent to email and Slack
  • Cost savings insights such as application redundancies, application underutilization or speak directly with our renewal experts for free benchmarking insights and negotiation tactics

Track your software renewals automatically

Through a combination of software, human analysis and direct integrations, SpendHound provides the most accurate renewal tracker on the market. Providing you with critical information to save time and money with your renewals.

Simple integrations

We use integrations to systematically pull everything needed to populate your application catalog – invoices, contracts, accounting ledger and application usage stats.

Discovery and Organization

We extract all of the important information on each vendor including contract value, renewal date, license count, spend history and more.

SpendHound Renewal Tracker

Utilizing the clean data, we provide a single source of truth for all important renewal information as well as cost saving opportunities leading up to renewals.

The SpendHound method

Through the combination of accurate data that is available in one location, reminder features as well as access to procurement experts and benchmarking insights, SpendHound allows your team to improve their renewal process and save time and money.

Accurate vendor information

ACV, Renewal Dates, Auto-renewal info, trailing spend, license count and application usage all in one place.

Renewal reminders

Have renewal reminders emailed directly to app owners, ensuring you never miss an auto-renewal again.

Access to Renewal Experts

Free calls with renewal experts to discuss price benchmarking insights and tailored tactics are included for free.

Cost saving opportunities

Understand redundancies, explore alternative applications, or use billing plan optimization to save more money.

Contract Management System

Store your invoices and contracts with easy integrations or upload documents manually.

Cost saving opportunities

Understand redundancies, explore alternative applications, or use billing plan optimization to save more money.