About us

SpendHound is a startup within YipitData, which is backed by Carlyle and Norwest Venture Partners.

We're a fast-growing, location-flexible tech company with headquarters in NYC, and a strong culture focused on mastery, ownership, and purpose.

Discover why we've been recognized as one of Inc’s Best Workplaces for three years and counting.

Our backgrounds

We believe you shouldn't need to spend money to save money

We're more than just a "renewal management tool".

SpendHound is on a mission to help companies save time and money by building a culture of efficiency within their organization.

Driven by culture

We care about our team and believe we do our best work when we're happy.

Our core values of Impact, Selflessness, Judgment, Transparency, Self-Improvement, Experimental, Inclusivity, Efficiency, Positivity and Protective create the environment that makes our company a great place to work and to build your career.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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We eliminate or shorten processes and meetings. If we’re doing a manual task over and over again, we automate or outsource it.

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We admit when we’re wrong and speak up when something isn’t going well at the company, within our teams, on projects, or with our customers.

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We are always looking for ways to get better at what we do by reading books and articles about our craft, connecting with experts in our fields, seeking feedback, and applying lessons learned every day.

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We try new things. Not all of our ideas work out, but we make smart bets on the ones that will have high impact if they did.

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Our impact never comes at the expense of a colleague's and we always aim to help someone who is struggling to make impact themselves. We communicate thoughtfully to save others' time.

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We actively look for and ask for feedback on any unconscious biases we may have and take active steps to prevent them from affecting others at the company. We go out of our way to welcome people and amplify voices that may not be heard.